Tuesday, 24 January 2017

How Can You Get Star Rating Review in Google Organic Search Result

Those yellow stars that appear below the page title are not just decorative. They are used to catch the attention of the mass. These are the signs that express your trustworthiness. If you think they are hard to get, you are wrong. Of course, you need to work hard to acquire the ratings. Getting such rating using Organic SEO Result is not difficult. However, for this you will need someone experienced working with you. An experienced SEO will always be able to distinguish the right from wrong. Also, the SEO will know when something is not working. Without experience you might not be able to understand this. It is surprising to know how easily the tricks could be implemented to gain the stars. For that, you could hire a professional. 

Before, you do anything, it is important to sit back and think. What kind of attention do you want? What sort of people you want in your followers’ list? Who you want to draw to your website? The most important question is how much attention can you handle? Before you get clear answers to all the questions above, you should not opt for optimization of any kind.

Click through rate and meta description are the traditional ways of getting good quality star rating. However, with time passing by, this has changed. Now, you can use other methods to get star ratings. To know what works, you need to have an experienced SEO executive or a team of SEO’s with you. 

Everyone wonders how the stars appear at the bottom of the title of websites. If you fall under the same list, you might be benefited from doing a little research. Of course, you will need assistance of some experience people. Yet, knowing what will benefit your website is important.

Understanding Local Listing

If you use Structured Data Testing Tool, it will be easy for you to monitor this. Google has made it easy to get classified local search results. Using Google map you can optimize your website enough to catch the attention of local traffic. Here you need to understand something important. Here you need to understand that getting into the result is one thing. Utilizing the result once you are already there - is an entirely different story. It might seem obvious, but, most don’t know it for sure or they don’t care. 

Google Review matters. If you search properly and get into the depth, you will find that most of the businesses with star rating are adorned by reviews. Therefore, it essential that you encourage people to give reviews of the products you are selling or the services you are dealing into. However, when it comes to reviews, only one or two reviews might not work. You need to wave a flag at Google and scream for its attention. For that, you need to have at least 10 reviews. Some companies buy reviews to get Google’s attention. However, you could always separate the original reviews from the fake ones. 

Relevant Snippets 

Snippets are important when it comes to star rating. Snippets add flesh to the skeleton of the search result. If you can add some additional information along with the stars, chances of people clicking your website link to check the information will increase. When people see what they can get through your website, they will automatically come. Meta description plays a great role in this. However, the snippets help people in identifying the products. Through this they would be able to understand whether they need the product or they should move over to other website. Never try to force your consumers into visiting your website. 

Using Google+ 

Google + is an useful platform. Using this you can accomplish a lot. Since this is Google’s social media platform, the search engine loves G+. You can use this love for your own promotion. Getting reviews in Google plus makes a difference. Have people to get reviews on the page that you have put up on G+. If you stay consistent in Google plus, you will be benefited by the ratings from the search engine. The number of reviews which will help you get the rating might vary as Google alters this number every now and then. What you can do is get associated with a Search Engine Optimizing partner who can monitor and find information about this number. This way, you will continuously be on the top of the search engine rating.  

However, here you must be careful. The trick is to know the rule before you can break them. Don’t create multiple accounts and keep writing reviews. It has been tried before and to be frank had worked its charm. However, with time Google has smartened up. It would surely notice any unreal movement in one product website. Or, if the reviews come too frequently, they will detect it. As a result your website might get blocked. 

See, you need to accept that without hard work nothing happens. Bribing people or paying for the reviews will gain you momentary success. But, you have not set up your business for today, right? You had tomorrow in mind. Therefore, act for tomorrow. Build good reputation. Encourage people to come and give their feedback. Learn from what people have got to say. 

Send Review Links to Customers

Well, this might seem like forcing people into saying something about your products. However, this is not true. Sometimes you should remind people that they can help others into choosing the right product. You can email your customers the review link of your website page. You can text them the link too. If you keep sending enough links, people will slowly begin to respond to your call. 

Let Google Know

Once the reviews start coming, you must begin notifying Google by using Schema Markup. Schema that you add to your website must be relevant. Do this after a thorough discussion with your web development and also with your SEO team. They are the people who can help you get the desired result.