Monday, 6 February 2017

Common Mistakes of Using Hashtag on Social Media

Hashtag is one of the most important features of Twitter. This one is also the most frustrating feature of this social media platform. Hashtag can do a lot of thing for you. This can increase the number of the readers for your content. Using proper hshtag you can easily optimize your content. It can be used to promote events. It can be used to sale products as well. However, using hastag is not easy. It takes an experienced social media marketing team to use this tool in right order.

Generic Hashtag

Hashtaging words like success or expansion help as they have millions of users. However, for a business reaching out to people just for the sake of reaching out is not enough. You need to make a difference by attracting people who are looking for your product and your service specifically.Due to their experience of dealing with promotional issues like these, they would be able to help you get out of the generic path and acquire the knowledge of putting hashtag before the word which will get the attention of the potential clients.

Not Investing Time for Research

One of the biggest mistakes that people make while using hashtag is not investing time in doing research. What you need to understand is – when you use hashtag without any research, you expose yourself for failure. A little time invested in finding the word that can be used with hashtag will be useful. Make it a point to stick the hashtag in Twitter just once to see what kind of result it brings. The research will help you understand whether to use a hashtag or to let it go.

Using Long Hashtag

Hashtag is like domain name. You need to make it sweet and crispy. Yes, you got it right. Long hashtags not only look ugly. They are useless as well. No one will search for a long hashtag. Using it will be wastage of time. If no one finds your hashtag, it is of no use. Hashtags when short are easy to read. They are easy to use as well. For this reason, social media experts always focus on short and easy hashtag. However, finding the right one can be a bit difficult.

Too Many…No Ways

Yes, it is human instinct to try to use hashtag before every word. However, this can be a mistake. In fact this is a mistake. Tweets need to be smart and catchy. Too many hashtag in one Tweet can make it look too desperate. When you use more than two hashtags, you show that you are not confident. It is an advice from the experts to use only two in one tweet. Because, it is only two hashtag, you need to spend time researching the right one. When it comes to Tweeter or Instagram, each word counts.

Spamming the Hashtags

Stuffing hashtag is a negative strategy which everyone should stay away from. Likewise, spamming is another negative strategy. You should never do it. Repeating hashtag is fine. For the sake of promotion, you should repeat hashtags too. However, when the repeat occurs for more than 20 times, you should control yourself. By doing this, you will be turning off your readers. They will not come back for more, if they see that you are using the same hashtag. For this reason, you should find different hashtags to use in different tweets. Getting creative is the only way to survive here.

Local Hashtag Misuse

Are you targeting people from a specific area? If so, you need to focus on the local hashtag like as #SEOserviceIndia #teachinThailand. Getting involved in communities will help. If you stay connected in a community which is area specific, you will be able to attract the attention of the people who are staying in that area. Now, this can be a long procedure, if you have not done it before. For someone who has experience in promoting others, it will not be such a difficult task.

Sticking to Old Hashtag

Human psychology stops them from trying out something new. This is the reason, actors repeat their success formula. It happens in promotion also. When some strategy brings success, people usually stick to it. They refuse to go for new strategies. Hashtag is not different. The moment a hashtag brings success, people stick to it. They don’t look past the success. They refuse to try new hashtags. This is a mistake. When you stick to the old strategy, you lose sight on the new things.

Social media marketing is an important part of promotional strategy. Don’t take it lightly. Facebook posting is just a small part of social media promotion. Only someone with proper experience can help get the desired exposure.


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