Thursday, 26 October 2017

How To Create An E-commerce Website In WIX?

If you are planning to start your own business, the primary task is to prepare a well-structured website for your company. If you are into e-commerce business, the requirement of a website gets enhanced with the rapid increase in the virtual engagement of the public nowadays. Customers prefer the flexibility of sitting at home and receiving the required materials right at their door step, avoiding the physical purchase of products or services.
However, the need of website arrangements has successfully enabled the birth of various platforms that diminishes the effort of building a website to an extent. Technological advanced reaches its peak by enabling people to have a website prepared within few hours of time and that too without an expert’s help. One of such platform is WIX. This platform is widely used and hugely preferred by start-up business promulgators. The preference is due to its easy to use process and wide availability of design and features in building a website. Developing a website in WIX stands very simple and involves few steps illustrated underneath,
Step 1: Sketch A Unique Plot And Know Your Customer
 An appropriate website draws huge customer base. Whereas, in the process to build an ‘appropriate’ website, the first step is to evaluate a proper strategy. You cannot land up in the market without a plot that is assumed to hit the customers mind. You should have a clear notion of understanding of your targeted audience; your focused section of the population. 
Added to that, you are supposed to execute an extensive research on your competitors existing in the market. You must notice and maintain a track on the sort of marketing strategies they undergo. This will help you in creating unique ideas to bring forward something new for the customers.
Besides framing distinctive strategies for your company, you should work on evaluating an exclusive brand identity and branding material. This involves designing of an impressive logo, impressive videos, slogans, convincing contents, and images. When you are done sketching all these parts for your start-up e-commerce business company, you are to move towards the implementation of design.
Step 2:  Visit the free WIX website builder service platform. You are supposed to Sign up in order to start building your website. You are only required to put required information ( email address and password and username) and you have your profile ready. 
However, if you already have an account in WIX, you are to log in and start building a new website. 
Step 3: After signing into your WIX account, you are taken to a window that provides you with a long list of categories of selecting the genre of your business. 
Step 4: On selecting your genre of business, you will be taken to a window with numerously available templates for your business website. WIX does most of the work for us, making the process extremely comfortable with no complicacy. You are supposed to choose your template to keep a track with accordance to your brand identity and strategy will have planned upon. After deciding on the template for your business, it is time for you to customise your website.
Step 5: This step requires your creative brain to work on designing an impressive outlook for your website. Although most of the features already remain present, you are just to customise the page by adding images, adding and editing content, determining the shape, size, and font of the content. However, in case of maintaining the alignment of your website content, the presence of WIX editor reduces your effort to pull your rulers for the correct layout. The editor efficiently does the task of maintaining the alignment. Added to that, WIX comes with inbuilt features of moving and shifting thus making it easy for the user to complete the task. 
Some of the common click buttons in WIX are namely, 
Copy And Paste: It is very clear from the word that this click button is used to copy and paste content to the exact place in the webpage.  
Snap To Object: Helps in maintaining proficiency in alignment.
Undo and Redo: A very useful option to revert the changes done while redo with repeat the same task once again. 
Preview: This option enables you to have a view of how your website will look when viewed live over the Internet. This will give you an idea of how the website will look from the end of the viewer.
Pages: This button has everything to do with manipulating the pages of your website. This page section deals with entire management required in settling the pages that your website will hold. This includes the addition of sub pages and all SEO related requirements in Keywords, Titles, Descriptions, Meta Descriptions and even the format of the content in the page. All these come under a single dropdown option named Pages.
Design: This segment is the key to make your website look impressive and attractive. Design includes changing of background color, font of the content and other variations involved in designing a page and the website at large.
Add: You are open to add anything to your website. Clicking the Add option, you get to add,
a. Text, images, videos, audios and any sort of visual feature that will enhance the look of your website.
b. You have options to add apps to pages enriching your website.
c. Social media attributes (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram) that will enable your website to have links connecting to the social media platform
d. You can include Blog to your website. This will enhance the interaction with the visitor visiting your website, making your website more trustworthy. 
e. Add online store where you are supposed to display your products or services of your business. That will contain the description for each respective products/services too.

Step 6: Settings option has got a lot for you. When you are done with the framework of your website, click on the setting button. The site address will provide you with the link whereas you can upgrade to a paid website where you get to have your own domain. Again, the SEO option comes with necessary information related to SEO ranking of your website. However, SEO should be carefully handled that involves proper keyword research. WIX is often said to provide an option for visibility of your website in search engines.

The entire process except the SEO part requires very less time. Features are readily available; you are just to apply your brains in coordinating the process accurately. WIX stands as a live example encouraging and assisting start-ups companies that turned out to be companies experiencing biggest turnovers.