Friday, 30 December 2016

Advantages Of Guest Posting To Make Great Online Presence

Content is considered to be one of the main areas to put emphasis on SEO at present and even in future. This is mainly because of the recent algorithm updates of Google, which place an emphasis on unique, fresh contents. But, it is impossible to make and enhance the online presence only just placing great and unique contents on your own blog. Therefore, guest blogging and posting on other sites work as great ways to gain bigger following on the websites and social media accounts, while gaining networking opportunities and credibility.

Though guest blogging is time consuming, but this can actually pay off in spades, mainly when it comes to build company and individual branding. Here are the advantages of guest posting that can make your online presence successful.
Exposure: High quality and great contents have become more important as more and more readers are now getting most of the information and news online. As a result, numerous contents are getting published every day. Similarly, the authors with published guest posts on different sites get more exposure as well as more opportunities to craft positive association in the minds of readers.
Inbound links: Increased website traffic is considered as a main reason why most of the writers prefer to start guest blogging. The majority of the sites allow writers to submit social media profile URLs and/or bio at the end of the post. These links therefore boost organic search rankings and drive referral traffic, leading to better search visibility for the website of the author. As the guest blogs offer inbound links, therefore it is necessary to offer high-quality contents to get organic SEO result. Link building is always worthy as the inbound links play major role in the search engine ranking algorithm. Apart from that, thoughtful, valuable and useful contents, which get steady engagement and traffic, will help the writer to publish regularly at every publisher with which the person works.
Credibility: Positive association with various brand names surely drives credibility for individual companies and authors and the companies for which they write. An author, whose contents have been published on Marketing Land or Huffington Post, is considered to be more credible than the person, who has no guest posts. Posting on these sites will increase the online credibility that will grow once the author starts publishing on the popular sites.
Branding: Guest posting works as a wonderful way for building the brand name of the writer. It is because, the person has the content, the idea and blogging is the only way to tell people about it. Guest posting ensures that the writer share his/her ideas with those readers, who are genuinely interested in the details the writer has to offer. The niche establishes the writer as a brand and a number of sites also publish the picture of the author to lend authenticity to the posts.

Networking: Apart from sharing of contents and outright promotional tweets, the guest blogs also drive conversation on the social media, via email and the comment section of posts that can result in great sales or networking opportunities. After responding, the writer can have a positive association with the readers. The next time the readers will need those products or services the writer’s company or writer may offer, the writer will be the first person they will go to. Apart from potential sales, networking from guest blogging can also result in valuable industry contacts, which are vital for business referrals and support. By bringing in quality, regular guest bloggers can lead to more fresh contents and a great variety of knowledge and perspectives, which may not come from any team and single individual working for the similar company.
Introduction to new people: The best part of guest posting is that it allows one to enter into an already-established community while sharing the message. These blogs also allow the writers to connect with new people that can actually benefit them in case they do in the right manner. By adding value to the discussion, the writer will be able to see the things that convert over the time to more fans, followers and readers.
Growth of social media: Apart from the website link, links to the social media profiles can also help the bloggers to improve their visibility as well as the online presence. If a reader likes the post or the article, then they will follow the blogger on the social media platforms to find out the other contents that the blogger is publishing on other sites.  Apart from that, great articles shared through the social media channels get improved visibility for the authors, who constantly write and publish great contents.
Lower cost of marketing: Content marketing is much more effective than conventional marketing at introducing leads into the marketing funnel. While it costs less than 62%, there is no reason to not use content marketing. According to experts, content marketing is highly effective in generating high ROI. While advertising and marketing is done online, it cuts down the costs of mailing and printing when reaching to a larger audience than the print media.
Building subscriber base: Apart from getting traffic, another major benefit of guest blogging is the ability to gain lot more subscribers’ everyday than a month. It never matters whether the writer needs subscribers or traffic, guest blogging just works perfectly. So, with guest blogging, the writer can get email subscribers even from other blogs.
Increased authority: Being a guest blogger, one gets the scope to become an expert in this field. The knowledge of that person grows with every new article and the requirement to do extensive research shrinks and this way, the blogger is considered as expert even by other bloggers. Guest bloggers get more credibility while their writings are considered well enough for established blogs.

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