Wednesday, 13 September 2017

SEO Techniques which Can Make a Difference

The way this world is proceeding, even if you are not in digital marketing profession, you must have some level of knowledge about SEO. This would not only help you to know what you must do to make a difference, this would also help you to understand that SEO takes time to yield result. Here, you simply cannot hurry your way in. 

Even as this blog post is being written, there are millions of companies posting their own promotional contents. If you want to win in this race, you must have the understanding about SEO and digital promotion. However, this does not mean you would single handedly have to do it. This only means you would understand what you must do get the desired digital promotion. The knowledge of SEO is important because, the moment you sit facing an expert from a digital marketing company Kolkata, you would be asked the most common question – what do you want accomplish with our service. Without any knowledge, you would not be able to answer that. To know what you want, you must know what the others are doing. 

One thing is for sure, if you want to be on the top of the search engine page, you must have the stamina to do in-depth research. If you cannot do it, you need to hire a company which offers digital promotion service. 

Audit Your Website

To begin with you would need a website audit. In the digital marketing world it is known as SEO audit. This is like a thorough evaluation process which would let you know what your website lacks and to get to the top what strategy, you would need. No, without SEO knowledge, you would not be able to get a detailed report. However, you can use the technique which is known as poor man’s SEO. This is just typing your or your organization’s name in the search engine box and find out what result you get. This is not detailed but to begin with you would at least understand where you are at the moment and how many miles you would have to cover to surpass your competitions. 

If you want to get in-depth SEO audit, you would need to check each page of your website and see whether the meta tags are properly placed or not. Additionally, you would have to explore each page carefully to find the keyword optimization. It is important to optimize a page without stuffing keywords. This is an SEO sin which Google will never forgive. Therefore, do yourself a favor and find someone with knowledge after you are done with your audit. 

Simple URL

One important SEO tip which everyone needs to remember is to have simple url. There is no point in getting an URL which people would not remember. The perfect URL should be the one which you would be able to type in the search bar. A short and simple URL can do wonder for your business. You must help the search engine to determine the topic of the page. Once the search engine gets to determine the topic, it will find it easy to optimize your page. 

There are countless ways you can create a simple URL which would help you get the desired optimization. You can seek help from the professionals if you are not sure what to do with the optimization. 

Format, Format

Well, yes, looks matters when it comes to optimization. You must format your website properly. You must explore the website and blog to find out whether everything is placed correctly or not. Additionally, you need to check the posts, are they rightly formatted? 

The rightly part can be confusing. What does rightly formatted mean? Firstly, this means breaking the blog post in several subheadings. Always help the readers scan your content. This would help derive more traffic to your page. The paragraph formatting also needs to be checked. It is important that each paragraph of your post has 2 to 3 lines. This would make the content look good. 

Do you want to make a point with your content? Very good, everyone wants to do the same thing. Make sure to bold the words you want to highlight. Or if it is a subtle point you want to make, Italicize the word. 

What the People Want

Oh, yes, this is very important to learn. Why would people come to you if you don’t give them what they are looking for? Explore Internet and try to find out what the other people are posting. You can also explore different forums and participate in different discussions to see what the readers or web visitors are looking for. For this you can use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Quora.  

There are different ways to promote a website. But increasing traffic is hard work. For this you would have to put on continuous effort.

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