Thursday, 15 October 2015

Difference between Mobile Optimized And Mobile Friendly Website

These days, making the sites mobile friendly is really popular on the request list of different organizations and businesses that are planning to develop new websites. But, there are various types of terms surrounding the mobile like as mobile optimized, mobile friendly and last but not least, responsive. People, who are new in this, can find it quite confusing to locate the difference between these web design types as well as to find out which design type is more essential for their sites.

With the availability of different types of mobile devices starting from tablets to handheld ones, understanding it properly how a website will display on various types of formats is really critical. But in case you discuss the terms like mobile optimized, mobile friendly and responsive design in the sphere of discussions, then you will definitely learn the differences.
Mobile optimized websites:
The mobile optimized sites are far more advanced sites. The term mobile optimized means that the site would reformat by itself for different types of tablet or handheld mobile devices. The sites designed this way, comes with some amazing features like reformatted content, larger navigation buttons and differently optimized images while the user tries to access the site from mobile devices or tablets.
You may ask why reformat? The answer to this question is that reformatting allows this site to engage a large mobile audience quickly while it comes to go for key buying decisions. These days, more and prospective buyers are turning to their mobile devices right in the store. Therefore, having a site developed, which allows the users to navigate easily as well as to engage from the small screens of their handheld devices means reaching to a decision faster.
On the mobile optimized sites, navigation is built for the purpose of efficient use. Besides, here the media and images are optimized properly for quick loading and the content is also succinct for complete effectiveness. Apart from that, this type of design also offers some additional features known as mobile only functionality. This includes tap-to-email, tap-to-call and map functionality. 

Mobile friendly websites:
The mobile friendly websites refer to those sites, which accurately display between the laptop/desktop and the mobile device or tablets. But while you will try to browse these sites on your tablet or Smartphone, you need to scroll up and down, left and right to figure out how the site properly works. Besides, the text may appear tiny and therefore you may need to zoom in the page to read the content, the media may be slower and the links are small therefore difficult to click with the fingertips. Are you finding it awkward? That’s because it actually is. Though the mobile friendly sites work for the mobile sites, but these are mainly designed for the desktop users. Therefore the smaller version of the desktop websites or the mobile friendly websites can be properly functional, but these are not that user friendly like these could be. This is the place where mobile optimized sites start to enter to the fray.

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