Friday, 30 October 2015

Differences Between Google Adwords And AdSense

If you are a beginner to search marketing, then you must have heard about two major advertising platform of Google namely Google AdWords and Google AdSense. On the basis of your goals, one of these systems can be right for you. But do you know which makes more sense? There are a number of differences between Google AdWords and Google AdSense. But the major difference is who use this system and who the primary audiences are.

But before you start, you must have the details about Google AdWords and AdSense. 
Google AdWords: This program enables the users to create advertisements. Advertisements created through AdWords appear on relevant Google search result pages as well as on the websites, which take part in Google AdSense network. It is basically a pay-per-click program where one can bid on the keywords and can write ads. Therefore, these ads appear on Google where people type these and write ads. Then these ads appear on Google while people type in the keywords and conduct searches.
Google AdSense: This program enables the website owners or publishers to display AdWords ads on their sites. Besides, this program also allows Google to directly put AdWords ads on a site. While somebody clicks on the ad on the website, the site owner makes money.

Other differences between Google AdWords and Google AdSense are:
Ad limit per page: On each page, AdSense publishers can place three link ads, three content ads and two search boxes. On the contrary, the AdWords advertisers can just have one ad delivered at a time on Google, the Google Display Network and the Google Search Network.
Flexibility in ad design: The advertisers of AdWords have more flexibility regarding their ad text while the AdSense publishers are unable to alter the texts within ads to appear on their website.
Options of clicking: In case you are advertising on Google Display Network, you can consider cost per impression or cost per click pricing system. In case you are a Google Display Network publisher, but you can’t say whether the ads appearing on your website have cost per impression or cost per click pay model.
Payment expectations: The AdWords advertisers can have a common idea of how much they will be able to spend by setting maximum amounts of bids for the keyword phrases. On the other hand, the AdSense publishers earn what they earn.

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