Wednesday, 17 February 2016

What You Should Do For SEO In 2016?

As the field of Search Engine Optimization is changing constantly, therefore the SEO tips and the link building concepts, which worked well in 2014 and 2015, are totally outdated. As a result, the small time marketers, business owners and other similar professionals face hard times to rank their sites. Therefore, it becomes highly necessary for the SEO experts to move on with the latest trends of SEO and also to capitalize on the opportunities of link building.

To help you in this process, this article offers a complete guide on the things that you must do for SEO in 2016 for a successful SEO strategy.

Identify present issues with the SEO audit: You are unable to fix the things that you don’t know is wrong. Definitely, you can see the symptoms of this issue, but until and unless you opt for an SEO audit, you will not learn what is going wrong. To start with, you can enter the site of a competitor for comparing an SEO audit. This audit will help you to identify issues as well as to compare the effect of algorithm changes and your present effort of ongoing optimization.
Invest time in SEO training: Whether you are a newbie in this field or looking for brushing up your knowledge, then you must invest your time in a good SEO training. These trainings generally cover how people interact with the search engines, how the search engines actually work, why SEO training matters and how to get started with the basic keyword research. You can also dive deeper with one online SEO training course that mainly aimed at the advanced Internet marketers.
Take the local search seriously: Are you still playing the lip service to the local search? Then this is the high time when you must get serious about claiming the online listings as well as about building out those listings and also optimizing the content of the site for local search. Opt for master onsite optimization and add keywords on the page titles, which can identify your company, the location of the business and the services offered. Besides, the name, address and phone number of your business should be on every page of the site and not just in the home or contact us page.
Be serious about the local search listings. Claim the listing on Facebook, Pinterest, Google, LinkedIn etc. Make sure that your business is listed in the most appropriate business categories. In case you business has different locations, then you must create different listing for every location. This thing will surely boost the visibility of your company.
Actively take part in the online reviews: User reviews are very much helpful in building the visibility of a company in search results that is wonderful news in case you have positive reviews. It means, the more positive and authentic reviews your site will receive, the higher this will appear in the search results.
So, you must not pay for the reviews or never force your customers to leave reviews. Rather, you must be proactive in getting the quick comments of the customers.