Thursday, 19 November 2015

Why To Move From Adobe Flash To HTML5 Canvas Tags?

Now HTML5 is included in Adobe Flash Professional CC.Flash. The “FLA” files can easily be converted into HTML 5 that can therefore be edited in flash or other types of web development applications like Dreamweaver. This is a really promising tool and ideal for converting animations. Besides, this also supports for the conversion of ActionScript to JavaScript. Here are the reasons why it is a better option to move from Adobe Flash to HTML5 Canvas Tags.

This offers better support from different browsers: Not all the browsers support Flash applications. The major ones- Chrome, Firefox support flash, but other browsers don’t. Sometimes, these browsers even block older versions of Flash actively. The scenario changes with HTML5. With HTML5, the web browsers support the animations natively and therefore you don’t have to worry about cross-browser support. As long as a browser supports HTML5, you can be rest assured that the canvas components will work on any type of operating system.
Search engine crawl support: The search engines mostly depend on textual contents to understand a site. The search engines are unable to crawl Flash objects. Therefore, the sites with flash objects have limitations in visibility and ranking. This is really hard to rank the flash sites as the animations load on the local browser of the user. As the search engine bots can’t see Flash animation, therefore they can index and rank the sites properly. But this issue can be resolved in case you choose to move on to the present HTML5 canvas tag.
Least vulnerabilities: There are actually numerous other vulnerabilities with Flash. Generally, the malware writers spread viruses by showing pop-up that mentions that the Flash software of the user is out-of-date. As a result, the users click the pop-up and install the fraud update by downloading the executable. These executables mainly load malwares like keyloggers, popups and Trojans, which send data to the hackers. But with HTML5, there is no requirement of downloading anything or there is no third party application. 
Easy to adapt: Working with Flash web design services needs animation skills, but this is totally a new platform. Though this looks similar to working with Adobe Photoshop, but in case you don’t have proper design skills, you will not be able to work. This is not similar with HTML5 canvas tag. Here one just needs to learn JavaScript along with other design skills. This language is closely used with CSS to speed up the UI as well as to create responsive designs. It makes HTML5 really easier to learn, especially in case you are a web designer, who needs to spruce up the skill set.
Better compatibility: As the users mainly install Flash on their computers, therefore the Flash sites should support a few application versions. For example, in case a Flash animation is created on an updated version, then the users will older Flash versions will not be able to view the content. But with HTML5, you just need to ensure that the users have a HTML5-supported browser.